Highlights Of The 9th (Online) Mother Tongue Languages Symposium 2020!

The long-awaited 9th Mother Tongue Languages Symposium (MTLS) will not be held offline this year in view of the COVID-19 situation. However, you might be interested to know that it is still worth participating in! If you didn’t already know, the e-MTLS is an event open to the general public for free! Kick-starting on the 29th of August 2020, you will be enticed by a wide range of activities – exhibits, sharing sessions and an exciting Online Quest! Themed “Flourish in Our Mother Tongue Languages Wonderland”, the e-MTLS continually aims to improve the support system for the learning of MTLs. Apart from the activities mentioned earlier, one can also expect a variety of curated MTL digital and non-digital learning resources which will be made available for sale online, of which some of the resources are specially produced books by organisations like the Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism! Alright, I’m sure you’d like to know more about the activities this year, so let’s briefly detail them.

About The Virtual Gallery!

The virtual gallery which is going to house a total of 35 exhibits is such a creative platform for parents and educators to learn how to promote the love for MTLs to pre-schools, schools and the community. Especially because there is a slight decline in interest for MTLs due to the common difficulty of learning an extra language apart from English, it is important for us to continually empower ourselves with methods in encouraging the younger generation to appreciate the learning of MTLs. In fact, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has also specially curated a curriculum exhibit which allows parents and educators to be more aware of the different pathways that MOE provides for MTL learning as well, and it covers levels from pre-school to pre-university! This would be very useful in paving a way for our children since we are more able to consider more options to find the one that suits our child the best.

About The Sharing Sessions!

Sharing sessions during e-MTLS are going to be either pre-recorded or live-streamed this year. There will be well-known education experts like Dr Sharifah Mariam Aljunied and Dr Connie Lum, as well as renowned speakers like Ms Elakeyaa Selvaraji, Mr Colin Goh and Mdm Woo Yen Yen! They will be sharing their expert opinions on interesting ways to encourage children to pursue MTLs. Apart from that, we will also be able to take part in a live-streamed panel discussion where parents can engage the panellists and ask pertinent questions on MTL learning! The topic this year is “Creating an Immersive Environment for the Learning of Our Mother Tongue Languages”, and highly relevant in the COVID-19 season since many interactive ways of engaging children might be limited due to the safety measures which prevent a lot of activities from running. It would really be a good avenue to gain some insights on new ideas for igniting interest in our children!

About The Online Quest!

Leaving the best for the last (not really the best best but perhaps in our children’s eyes) is the Online Quest! Available on the e-MTLS website from November 2020 onwards, the Online Quest will be hosting 8 interactive games which require children to complete tasks! Children will be exposed to games which could potentially interest them in learning more about MTLs, so it’s time for us parents to take a step back and let our children “game” this time.

It is heartening to know that the 9th Mother Tongue Languages Symposium is still going to happen this year, and is filled with fun and engaging activities to achieve its aim of igniting passion in our children. As a leading home tuition, FamilyTutor hopes that you will support the event (even though it’s online) and have a good time at the event (virtually) this year!

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