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Tips to Get Past a Creative Slump

Have you ever been in a situation where you are writing a story or an essay for a school project, and then suddenly, you run out of ideas? This phenomenon is often referred to as a writer’s block or slump and can occur in any writer regardless of skill or experience.


Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Student

All tutors want their students to give the best work they can. However, that is easier said than done. If you’re a tutor and you want to help your student get the most opportunity to grow and get the best work from them, here are some questions relating to those useful strategies.


Tips in Fighting Exam Fatigue

Everyone’s reason as to why they are energy-deprived will vary depending on the circumstances they are in. This article focuses on the ways a student, or any other individual, can stock up on energy and avoid activities that may lead to energy depletion in preparation for the exams.

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Tips to Handle Exam Stress

Whenever you would ask a student about how they are feeling about the upcoming exam, the most common answer would be they are nervous or stressed. But why do students often feel stressed during exam periods and what are the methods with which they can limit the stress they are experiencing?


Tips to Approach Bullying

Bullying can have long-term effects on students emotionally, mentally, and even at times, physically. Let’s tackle how to help the child cope with bullying and how can parents help them in this situation.


How to Build Confidence?

Confidence is not an inborn trait, instead, it develops naturally amongst individuals that have been raised to portray confidence. Confidence is not a matter of how good an individual is at a certain activity, confidence stems from how much trust that individual has in his/her abilities.